5 Ways To Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram can be a powerful platform to get in front of your target audience - no question.   There are also some SHADY business practices that use artificial ways to grow your following.  

I strongly recommend against many of these practices that encourage buying fake likes/followers or using "bots" to manipulate Instagram's algorithm.    ​See what can happen when using these shady tactics here.  

That being said, this week's video comes from one of our favorite Instagram Trainers --> Vanessa Lau.   She is an authority when it comes to building your business on Instagram and this video walks you through the right way to grow your business on Instagram.

Vanessa is a fast talker!  We have purposely started the video where the meat of this content is.  Feel free to rewind and watch the full video at any time. 

Don't have time to watch?  No problem!    Below are the 5 main tips she gives in her video: 

1.  Change Your Profile Name so it can be easily searched (essentially adding SEO to your IG profile). 

2.  Write captions that convert. 

3.  Mix the size of your hashtag followers (small to medium size hashtags are POWERFUL!)


5.  You must engage with your community - it helps tell the IG algorithm you are legit and IG will reward you with better reach.  

Hope this was valuable for you!