Facebook vs Google Advertising – Which is Better for YOUR Business?

The battle of the two largest advertising platforms:  Facebook vs. Google.   So which one is better for your business? 

This video by Neal Patel speaks exactly to this question!  Neal is a leading training expert on BOTH of these platforms.  

Don't have time to watch the video?  No problem - here is a short summary of the key points made: 

Google is intent based. People type into Google what they are looking for, such as "cheap hotels in Las Vegas". So when people type in what they are looking for, if you have an ad that solves their problem, they will convert.

If you are an intent based business that sells products or services to people who want to solve a specific problem, then Google is a great fit.

Facebook, on the other hand, is for targeting a broad audience. For example, you can target people who are interested in cars, beauty or any other market out there. 

So if you have a product that appeals to a mass market, Facebook can be a great fit for you.

From your ad, you can send people to an informational page that educates the consumer on why they should learning more about your product or service.

After they are educated it becomes easy to sell them.With Facebook, if you are selling a low-end product you can just send people directly to your product landing page, but it tends not to convert as well compared to sending them to an informational page first.

Cheers 🍻