7 Fatal Mistakes That Kill Businesses –  Part  6 – Lack of a prospect nurturing system. 
Not every prospect will be ready to buy from you right away.   They may become aware of what your company does and it appeals to them; however, they are just not ready to buy at this time.   It’s CRITICAL you do not give up on these types of prospects.  Instead, create a long-term nurturing campaign to stay in front of these prospects so when they are ready to buy, you are Top of Mind!
Types of long-term nurturing systems:
  • Short and long-term email follow-ups.
  • Short and long-term direct mail systems
  • Remarketing Campaigns
  • Using Social Media Campaigns
  • 30 day or quarterly “check-ins”
  • Newsletters


Jesse Erickson

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I have an intense passion for how businesses market, sell and fulfill their products and services- and how they can improve to become more profitable. 🔥 “We are not in the THING business… we are in the marketing of the thing business” -Dan Kennedy