Have enough traffic but not generating sales?  


Types of Conversion Problems Most Businesses Have

  • Taking too long to follow up with leads 
  • Not following up with leads at least 5 times
  • No lead nurturing process 
  • Poor call handling or missing incoming calls
  • Poorly designed sales process (or no sales process at all)
  • Not following up with your customer database
  • No system for growing your customer database
  • Not having a customer & prospect database
  • Not adding enough value to visitors
  •  No website chat to communicate with visitors in real time

Our Solution

Lead follow up with Saleschat.io

SalesChat.io Lead Nurturing System

Saleschat.io is a system that leverages software to improve lead conversions and generate repeat purchases. 

SalesChat was developed by professional appointment setters that leverage strong lead follow up and lead nurturing techniques to improve sales.

SalesChat.io Features

  • Follow up with new leads in under 5 minutes
  • Follow up with leads and customers at least 5 times
  •  Nurture and close new leads into repeat purchases
  • Record incoming calls so you can improve call handling
  • Immediately text any missed inbound calls
  • Improve your  sales process 
  • Broadcast offers to your existing customer database to generate repeat purchases every month
  • Website chat that allows you to communicate with website visitors through a mobile app on your phone

Saleschat.io Benefits

  • Improve sales (and revenue) quickly 
  • Free up time and resources developing your own lead nurturing systems
  • Improve the way you do business with your customers
  • Grow a healthy list of prospects and customers that you can communicate with any time you want (so you are not relying on expensive advertising every month to grow your business)
  • Generate repeat purchases every month through database broadcasting (sending offers to your customers every month).